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Alternative and Complementary Medicine | Arts and Humanities


Tom Darnall


What I thought was to be a study of "alternative medicine" turned out to be an amazing discovery of not only a way of healing, but a way of life. My work is based on personal experience and supported by literature and the instruction of mentors. Over the span of a year, my experience has included three Healing Touch classes with independent practice and a nine-week class/support group for those with life-threatening illness and their caregivers. I also volunteered at a pain and stress management program at Glenwood Rehabilitation (autogenics/self- regulation training), the St. Cloud Pain Management Center (cranio-sacral therapy), and various physical therapy settings at the St. Clous Hospital. In addition, I observe a chiropractic practice and conducted numerous interviews of physicians and therapists. My thesis tells of my journey into holistic health practice and gives an overview of what I learned first-hand about the importance of mind, the human energy system, and emotions in the healing process.