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Biology | Fresh Water Studies


Holly Adrian


Eutrophication of lakes has become an increasing problem for many bodies of water. By analyzing the nutrients available and the phytoplankton and macrophyte populations, evaluation and differentiation of East Gemini Lake and Stumpf Lake were made concerning their trophic state. This determination allowed for the further understanding of the effect the trophic state has on the flora of an aquatic system. It was determined that East Gemini Lake was eutrophic based on its available nutrients and phytoplankton populations. In contrast, Stumpf Lake was determined to be mesotrophic having lower available nutrients and less phytoplankton population density with fewer major phytoplnakton indicators of eutrophication. Stumpf Lake was more diverse in its populations of phytoplankton and macrophytes with less biomass of phytoplankton and more biomass of macrophytes than in East Gemini Lake.