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Political Science


James T. Murphy


Too many people do not have access to the health care that they need and deserve. However, no one should have to suffer through and illness because they do not earn enough money to be able to buy health care. it is our responsibility to make sure that our entire community, regardless of their income, has access to these essential human services that our medical community is capable of providing.

With the spiraling costs and constant development of advanced technology in health care, along with the existence of the third-party payment system, our country has created the most costly health care system in the world. Arguably, we have the best quality care money can buy, but too many people can't afford to enjoy its benefits.

Many proposals have been formulated to resolve the growing inequities and outrageous costs of American health care. some aspect of our current system has to give way to developing a more fair delivery strategy. Quality and easy access suffer as a result of creating a more efficient system, and vice versa. Although whatever measures we employ to offer our uninsured neighbors the security of health care, we will inevitably pay. Health care for all will not come without a cost. Although, as I have estimated, it is reasonable for us to assume we can afford the expanded coverage.

I have speculated that the most effective way to deliver universal health care coverage would be to mandate that all employers offer health insurance to their workers and to expand Medicaid for the unemployed. In this way, we would be able to ensure that no one will suffer with an illness because of their inability to afford health care access.