Jpetra Vis: A Graphical User Interface for Matrices and Vectors

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Computer Sciences | Physical Sciences and Mathematics


Mike Heroux, Computer Science


Visualization capabilities are a significant asset for anyone performing mathematical computations. To aide numerical analysts working with large matrices and vectors, I have created a class entitled Jpetra Vis, which is a graphical user interface written in Java for displaying such objects. This class has been added to the existing JPetra software package, which constains useful methods for linear algebra and numerical analysis computations. Jpetra Vis is comprised of two subclasses, MatView and Vec View. MatView takes in matrices and then passes the data to a socket, which is picked up by an existing matrix visualization program, Matvis. VecView takes vectors of numbers and allows users to display vectors via a histogram or x-y graph. The ability to graphically display large mathematical objects is extremely important for gaining insight into problems as well as checking the validity of performed computations.