Thank God I’m a Country Boy

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Arts and Humanities | English Language and Literature


J.P. Earls, English


I have had two addresses in my life: Collegeville, MN and Lakeside, WI. Lakeside is a rural township located around ten miles east of Superior, WI. My hometown and rural areas in general have always had a certain appeal for me, even more so as I’ve experienced urban places. The characters I’ve met in the country—grizzled old farmer-hermits, alcoholic high school football coaches, destitute woods hippies with PhDs—as well as the general lifestyle I’ve observed, form the basis for my project. My goal is to, through a series of essays, poems and short stores, capture the essence of rural and small town life. In a way, I’ve been preparing to write this project for my whole life. I will draw on experiences I’ve had and observations I’ve made from early childhood on to portray the area as truly as I can. The major inspirations I will use are Lake Superior, the woods and the members of the community. The sources I will use will be different for each essay/ short story/poem.