My Mother's Hands; Memory, Loss, and Grief- A Solo Performance

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Arts and Humanities | Theatre and Performance Studies


Elise Robinson, Theater


The project itself began my first year in symposium. The assignment was to create a memoir in any style of our choice. At that time, the work I created was titled 'Mom.' In many respects, this work was created with the sole purpose of preserving and retaining memories in the most truthful fashion possible. After letting that work sit for a couple of years I decided to make it the subject of my senior project, a solo performance piece about my relationship to my now deceased mother and the many mixed feelings that accompany grieving. The process of taking a written piece and converting it to a text to be performed on stage was of interest to me. It also seemed appropriate to complete my senior year with a project that was begun my first year. My Mother's Hands was a difficult undertaking for many reasons but the many emotions experienced during the journey made the challenge both appealing and rewarding.