Scenery for Broken Hearts

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Arts and Humanities | Theatre and Performance Studies


David Paul Lange, Art


I created scenery for a one act play entitled Broken Hearts, which is an adaptation of three Oscar Wilde stories: The Birthday of the Infanta, The Devoted Friend, and The Happy Prince. The play was performed by St. John's Preparatory School. The prep school had certain stipulations the set had to meet. These included the ability for the set to fit in the back of a school bus, to be erected and struck quickly, and to be done by younger high school students. My work became creating scenery that conveyed the meaning that I felt the play exuded while at the same time considering all of the logistical aspects involved. Working in collaboration with Brother Paul Vincent Niebauer and John Ludwig, a plan for the set was formed. The set consists of only one piece of structural scenery that transformed to meet the needs of three scenes. There are two large screens that were placed peripheral to the audience's attention which carried images to connote meaning, and a large screen provided by the prep school which carried a backdrop setting. The images were projected from behind with slide projectors.