Protecting Brand Image: A Web Based Surveillance System

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Computer Sciences | Physical Sciences and Mathematics


Carl Burch, Computer Science


Each year, billions of dollars in revenue are lost due to trademark infringement and the inaccurate defaming of brand names. Corporate antagonists have quickly realized the fact that the Internet offers a quick and simple channel for any abuses they wish to broadcast to the general public. Not only that, companies have found it virtually impossible to keep track of the continuous tirade of trademark infringement given the extensive and ever-changing nature of the World Wide Web. Typically, guarding tactics in the past have comprised of employees surfing the web to track the illegal use of their company’s brand name and/or logo. Through my research I am proposing a less expensive and more efficient alternative in the form of a web-based form. The information entered by the company in a HTML form is then sent via a scripting process to a program that will search the Web and return results ranked based on relevancy.