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Henry Jakubowski


The cytochrome oxidase subunit IV (CoxIV) protein presequence has been found by previous researchers to target proteins to the mitochondria of the cells and associate with or translocate across a membrane bilayer. In this study, the effects of encapsulating antibodies against the presequence within phospholipid vesicles on this association or translocation was studied. Kinetic and thermodynamic theories were developed which predict a higher level of association or translocation of the protein presequence into these antibody containing vesicles. Antibodies against the CoxIV presequence were produced in two rabbits and purified with a Protein A affinity column. Phospholipid vesicles were created with and without encapsulated antibodies by a detergent dispersion method. Translocation studies were completed utilizing fluorescently labeled CoxIV presequence and a fluorometer for quantification.

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