Physiological and Biochemical Impacts of Creatine: A Study of Dietary Supplementation in Frogs

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Biology | Life Sciences


Manuel Campos, Biology


I propose to study cohorts (3 frogs per group) of Xenopus laevis to determine the overall effect of creatine phosphate (Crp) loading in relation to muscle fatigue time in the whole frog in vivo. I also will study, in vitro, the effects of a soaking of the gastrocnemius muscle in Crp in Rana Pipiens. We are undertaking this investigation to further study the factors involved in fatigue. ATP is a necessary factor in muscle contraction, and the regeneration of ATP is necessary. An important source of ATP regeneration is the organic molecule, creatine phosphate (Crp). By introducing creatine, this may increase the binding of the inorganic phosphate group to the creatine molecules, increasing the Crp available for energy consumption and ATP production.