Women in their Twenties: Life's Issues and Challenges

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Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences


Rodger Narloch, Psychology


Arnett (2000) recently gave new attention to persons in their twenties when he suggested the concept of "emerging adulthood" as a distinct developmental period that involves undertaking new challenges while gradually working towards long-lasting decision making. The present study investigated the issues and challenges facing current undergraduate senior women (N = 24) and recent undergraduate alumnae (N = 17), while also exploring their meaning-making and support systems. Data were collected using an online survey containing four, open-ended questions. Major findings indicated that undergraduate senior women were behind recent alumnae in regard to finding meaning in their lives. However, both groups shared similar ideas on where meaning came from. Also, while senior undergraduate women expected to rely on others, post-college, when dealing with their obstacles and fears, recent alumnae did not admit to doing this.