Tarantula Petting Zoo: A Collection of Short Stories

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Arts and Humanities | English Language and Literature


J. P. Earls, English


Having engaged in creative writing for years, my thesis, a collection of short stories, is a culminating work of my skills as a writer so far. Consisting of ten short stories of no particular theme, the thesis will utilize various literary techniques and forms, with a concentration on originality and humor. My goal will be to produce ten quality, original short stories that look and sound nothing like the type of short stories written by someone my age. There will be no fluff, no coming-of-age, and no stories about my incredible travels while abroad for a semester. I don’t care about that stuff and I am not delusional enough to think that you do either. Instead, I will show you a world of pure fiction, sometimes depraved, sometimes strange, but hopefully, always interesting. My goal with this thesis, above all, is to entertain. I also want to examine these strange times we find ourselves in, and attempt to show that even reality can become parody. So, expect a humorous, original work of fiction that just may violate good taste. Expect a petting zoo full of twisted things, commanding you to touch them and revolting you at the same time.