Construction of the Community and Personal Satisfaction Scale: A Sense of Vocation and Identity in College Students

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In previous literature, vocation has been discussed in terms of religiosity or an occupational goal. The goal of the current study was to create a measure of vocation that does not assume religious belief and is not limited to an occupational goal. Therefore, I created the Community and Personal Satisfaction Scale (CPSS) which assesses the extent to which one approaches one’s major life decisions with the perspective that these decisions will provide a sense of self-fulfillment by combining one’s self-interests with giving of oneself to benefit the needs of others. Participants (N = 200) completed this scale as well measures of intrinsic motivation and altruism and the Sense of Vocation Scale (SVS; Nocks & Angliss, 2001). Results revealed significant positive correlations between the CPSS, intrinsic motivation, altruism, and SVS. Thus, the combination of fulfilling one’s self-interests and benefiting others appears to measure vocation. Results did not reveal significant relationships between the CPSS, year in college, and gender.