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Kathleen Twohy


Background: Alcohol is frequently used among active military groups and veterans. There is no research regarding the effects of marital status and highest grade achieved on AUDIT-C screening scores for older male veterans.

Objective: This study aims to determine whether marital status or highest grade achieved significantly impacts AUDIT-C screening scores for older male veterans.

Method: This study used existing medical record data from the VAHS-St. Cloud. IRB approval through the VAHS provided protection of human subjects. Data were analyzed with Chi-square tests.

Results: Marital status did not produce statistically significant impacts on the AUDIT-C screening scores for older male veterans. Small sample size and missing data may have contributed to the lack of statistical significance between highest-grade achieved and AUDIT-C screening scores. Recommendations include regular AUDIT-C screening and the addition of demographic factors relevant to health (e.g. education level) in the health record.


Readers: Rachelle Larson, Carrie Hoover, Carie Braun

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