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Richard Ice


Today women are held back, not by incompetence or inadequacies, but rather by the myths and social constructions surrounding them as women. The myths American society holds about sex and gender hinder women from obtaining equality in the workplace. Myths are very powerful tools. They allow a society, or in this case an organization, to justify its past and present actions and to predict its future behaviors. Myths provide a sense of identity and are tied to emotion; therefore, it is not possible to dispel them by empirical data alone. In order for a myth to change, the feelings of those who believe that myth must be changed. Before women in managerial positions are allowed to advance in their positions as fast as their male counterparts, our society, American organizations, and men and women of the organization must change their myths. Discrimination in the workplace will cease only when current gender myths are made illegitimate and replaced with new myths more representative of women's and men's equality.

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