Creating an Independent Film From Concept to Screen

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Arts and Humanities | Film and Media Studies | Film Production | Screenwriting | Theatre and Performance Studies


Kaarin Johnston, Theater


Film is an incredibly powerful, important, and prevalent art form. Sharing aspects with literature, theater, and photography but existing as a medium of its own, film can tell stories that resonate with audiences in complex and numerous ways.

For this project, I will write, direct, shoot, and edit an independent feature-length film.

The popularity and simplicity of digital equipment (i.e., DV cameras and non-linear editing software) have reduced both the time and money required for film production. The word 'film,' in fact, is a misnomer for this project - I won't be using any actual film; from shooting to editing to screening, this film will exist only in digital form. These tools consequently allow for an ambitious digital project - like a feature-length student production - to be completed on a tiny fraction of the budget required by its celluloid equivalent. Though this project may appear incredibly daunting for a college student, I firmly believe that, with digital equipment, careful planning, and hard work, it is completely feasible.

My aim is not to document a real-world problem or situation, nor to create a video-art installation - those are worthy pursuits, but they aren't what I intend with this project. Rather, my film will tell a narrative story of my own creation. Like any story-telling text, it will be subject to literary analysis and criticism, and, with diligence and luck, it will hopefully please, inform, and fascinate its audience.