CCD Photometry of Cepheid Variable

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Physical Sciences and Mathematics | Physics


Tom Kirkman, Physics


The main purpose of this project is to become familiar with the techniques and methods of observational astronomy and CCD photometry. I will observe the brightness of stars and deduce some properties of these stars from these observations. Stars with non-constant magnitudes, variable stars, give the most interesting data. The specific variable star that this project is concerned with was discovered by Antipin et al. and is described in their paper "TYC 103101262 1:The First Known Galactic Eclipsing Binary with a Type II Cepheid Component." The American Association of Variable Star Observers ( has organized many observers' data of this star through their observing campaign Alert 351. This project involved collecting our own data at the Saint John's University Observatory, using other observers' data from the AAVSO, and creating various fits to the data to confirm the pulsation and eclipse periods of Antipin et al.