Figure Ground: Methods and Processes in Figurative Sculpture

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Art Practice | Arts and Humanities


David-Paul Lange, Art


A thirty-four piece plaster mold, cast over a life-size sculpted foam figure proportioned after the human body, is used to replicate multiple variations upon a similar form when re-cast into new works of art. Through casting in clay, handmade paper, or wax, these body parts emerge from their molds as a new kind of visual language. Collectively, the sculptures engage the viewer in a dialogue of ideas relating to narrative, place, and especially the cycles of change over time. These works question how the concept of home and place influence one's sense of identity within our landscape. This is executed through research, creation, a supporting paper, and critique. The outcome corresponds with the solo exhibition "Figure Ground" at the Saint John's Art Center, part of a portfolio of mixed-media ceramic figurative sculptures.