Ceramic Investigation: Pottery, Sculpture and Installation Parallelism

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Art and Design | Art Practice | Arts and Humanities


Samuel Johnson, Art


I am interested in exploring the role of handmade pottery in today's world. Industrialized ceramics has eliminated the need for handmade wares, so the potter has redefined his/her place in society by creating an artistic visual language through production of handmade, utilitarian vessels. In that case, why make utilitarian vessels? Would the language speak more clearly if function was removed? The potter could use the same ceramic process to produce abstract sculpture for a gallery, instead of functional vessels intended for use.

I aim to define a common language between my own functional pottery, abstract sculpture, and installation choices. Additionally, I strive to define the role of function in my pottery while creating work that explores my interest in the natural world. My work investigates contemporary ceramic artists in order to understand aesthetics and motives involved with creating their work. I produce work using an automatist process; making instinctual, improvisational decisions. I then evaluate my work using analytical critique, which has become an invaluable tool providing me with a means for constant growth and artistic development.