Through their Eyes: Experiences of Mexican Immigrants in Green Bay, Wisconsin

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International and Area Studies | Latin American Studies | Peace and Conflict Studies | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Social and Behavioral Sciences


Ronald Pagnucco, Peace Studies; Gladys White, Hispanic Studies


For the past nineteen years, the population of Green Bay, Wisconsin has seen a substantial influx of Hispanic immigrants, with the majority of the population arriving from a four-state area in Mexico. This growth in Green Bay's population has lead to some tensions between the immigrant and non-immigrant communities caused by a lack of understanding of Mexican immigration and Hispanic culture. Through their Eyes: Experiences of Mexican Immigration in Green Bay, Wisconsin is a short book I wrote about Mexican immigration in Green Bay. The book consists of three parts: an introduction to Mexico and Mexican immigration, interviews with Mexican immigrants in Green Bay, and a conclusion that draws connections between the factual information presented and the interviewee's experiences. The book will be distributed to community organizations in Green Bay, which will allow for individuals to read it and learn about this immigrant community that shares their city. In compiling these life histories in book form and making it accessible to the public, I hope to promote understanding between the immigrant and non-immigrant communities, enable these immigrants to have the chance to tell their stories, and work to build a positive peace in the community.