"Against the Blood of Thy Neighbors": Obstacles to Genocide Intervention & Hope for the Future

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Peace and Conflict Studies | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Social and Behavioral Sciences


Kelly Kraemer, Peace Studies


Genocide is one of the most flagrant violations of human rights. It is also one of the greatest issues facing our international community today, as the violence and tragedy of this most heinous crime against humanity threatens the very legitimacy and credibility of our world. Why, then, do we continue to allow genocide to plague innocent individuals? What will it take for us to ensure that we truly "never again" stand idly by while populations are shamelessly slaughtered by the very governments entrusted to protect them? This thesis identifies four historical obstacles to genocide intervention, evaluates the strengths and limitations of the Responsibility to Protect approach, and proposes the creation of Quick Genocide Response Units (QGRUs) as a potential solution to the ever-reoccurring crime of genocide.