From Pre-Production to Post-Production: Directing Don't Abandon Me

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Arts and Humanities | Theatre and Performance Studies


Kaarin Johnston, Theater


During the fall of 2009, I directed and helped produce a new and completely student-run play with music entitled Don't Abandon Me. After the performances, I wrote a reflection paper outlining the process I went through from initially agreeing to direct this new piece of theater to the performance period and talk-back sessions. The paper includes what I learned from each part of the production process and explains my approach to each section. The process involves working with the playwright to develop a script that was able to be translated to the stage, collaborating with a student set/light designer and a student sound designer, running auditions and casting, directing the student actors during rehearsals, viewing the live performances and participating in talk-back sessions, and what I learned about myself from participating in this collaborative project. My thesis also contains the final prompt book used in the productions and an appendix of information about the technical elements (set, light, sound, costumes, production concept, etc.) of directing that should help the reader understand the process of producing a new play.