Submissions from 2022


(Book Chapter) Reimagining the field of international education through the vision of a Renaissance internationalist: the Minnesota case, Deborah J. Pembleton and Gerald W. Fry


(Article) Historical research with Chinese multilateral historical marketing sources, Tony Yan and Michael R. Hyman

Submissions from 2020


(Article) Nationalistic appeals and consumer boycotts in China, 1900-1949, Tony Yan and Michael R. Hyman

Submissions from 2018


(Article) Cross-Culture Product Hybridization in Pre-Communist China (1912-1949), Qiang Yan and Michael R. Hyman


(Article) Pawnbroking in Pre-1949 China: ‘Soft Strategies’ for Overcoming a Negative Image, Qiang Yan and Michael R. Hyman

Submissions from 2013


(Conference Proceeding) English Law: Window on Britain, Jean Didier

(Article) An Examination of Supply Chain and Sustainability: Case Study at College of Saint Benedict, Saint John’s University, St. Joseph/Collegeville Minnesota USA, Kingshuk Mukherjee

(Article) The Umed Group: Expansion Crossroads, Kingshuk Mukherjee

Submissions from 2011


(Article) The Role of Future-Market Focus in the Early Stages of NPD across Varying Levels of Innovativeness, Lisa M. Lindgren and Gina Colarelli O'Connor

Submissions from 2010


(Article) How Can We Manage to Be Happy?, John Hasselberg

Submissions from 2009

(Article) Opportunities Are Within Grasp: Is Your Business Prepared to Capture Future Growth Potential?, Sanford L. Moskowitz

Submissions from 2006

(Book Chapter) Internationalization and Value Creation in the Global Textiles and Apparel Industry: A Comparative Analysis of Lithuania and Moldova, Sanford L. Moskowitz

Submissions from 1997


(Article) A Contingency Matrix Approach to IHRM, Fred Luthans, Paul A. Marsnik, and Kyle W. Luthans

Submissions from 1995


(Article) Going Beyond Total Quality: The Characteristics, Techniques, and Measures of Learning Organizations, Fred Luthans, Michael J. Rubach, and Paul Marsnik

Submissions from 1993

(Article) Job Reengineering: A New Approach to Meet the Challenges Faced by Rural Electric Systems, Steven M. Sommer and Paul Marsnik

Submissions from 1992


(Article) Cooperative Learning across the Business Curriculum, Wendy Klepetar and Virginia Arthur