Pre-adolescent reactance as a response to antismoking messages

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This Friday Forum will present data collected in the Spring of 2000 that attempted to assess whether the increase in adolescent smoking during the 1990s could be attributed to the plethora of antismoking attempts during the same time frame. The study to be discussed measured inner-city and rural pre-adolescents’ (ages 10 to 13) attitudes toward cigarette smoking, engagement in smoking behaviors, and acceptance of antismoking messages. The focus of this forum will be on pre-adolescents’ responses to antismoking messages. More specifically, the role “behavioral commitment” to smoking plays in the rejection of antismoking messages will be discussed. Some of the forms of behavioral commitment to be assessed in this forum will be past smoking behavior, number of friend smokers, year in school, and number of family member smokers. This forum will conclude with advice for producing effective antismoking messages.


The slides for this presentation are not available.