Developing case studies: a multimedia approach

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Case studies represent an excellent method for increasing student engagement in learning and developing the advanced cognitive skills of application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation as described in Bloom’s taxonomy. While case studies served as traditional material for graduate education in law and business their educational value has been newly recognized throughout higher education. They have recently spread to medical and science education under the name problem-based learning. Combining new technology with traditional case studies offers an exciting and flexible way to reach the millennial generation students who are now on our college campuses.

In this session, Virginia Arthur, Jane Kathman, and Rick Saucier will describe their work in developing multi-media case studies under the sponsorship of the McNeely Center for Entrepreneurship and preview the cases they have developed on “Identifying a Target Market for the St. John’s Bible” and “Mississippi Topsoils,” a business venture focusing on recycling organic matter. The presenters will demonstrate aspects of a multi-media case and lead a discussion on how cases can be used in a variety of disciplines.


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