Not knowing where to begin? An approach for incorporating the Catholic/Benedictine mission into social science courses

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In the past couple decades, many Catholic universities have placed greater emphasis on infusing the Catholic part of their mission throughout the academic curriculum. A challenging question that gets to the heart of this matter is: How are my courses at a Catholic university different than if I were teaching them elsewhere? For social scientists, such a question often elicits blank stares and silence! Indeed, allowing a religious perspective to have any bearing on our disciplinary content or how we communicate it to students is largely counter-cultural within the social sciences, particularly psychology. In this talk, I provided some rationale as to why thinking about the connections between Catholicism and the social sciences is an endeavor that faculty at a Catholic university should care about, even if one does not personally hold Catholic beliefs. I then articulated a set of ideas for how to begin incorporating elements of a Catholic perspective into your work, especially your courses.


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