Culture, religion, and transition: stories of reflection and growth through international experiences

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International and Comparative Education


Cultural competence, social inclusion, and transitioning into post-graduate life. This forum is a culmination of my experiences here, at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University, from the perspectives of a student, alum, and professional staff member.

International internships in Shanghai, China and Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina helped me discover a love and curiosity for cultures and faiths outside my own. This presentation describes one Bennie's personal and professional accounts of time spent abroad and experiences working as the Intercultural and International Student Services Fellow and CSB Residential Life Staff Resident. I focus heavily on story, and how it can connect and bridge individuals from different backgrounds while increasing empathy and understanding for others experiences.

I share how these experiences have, are, and will continue to shape me as I move into my future and how I believe CSB|SJU is and can continue to work towards becoming an increasingly more equitable and inclusive community.

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