Globalization and family Down Under

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Arts and Humanities | Australian Studies | Demography, Population, and Ecology | Education | Family, Life Course, and Society | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Sociology


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“Janet Grochowski offers an illustration of the particular ways in which globalization is revealed in Australian families. Using data from the Centre for Social Research at the Australian National University, Grochowski describes Australia as a society with a uniquely global history, both confronting and embracing the global forces acting on Australian families. Grochowski discusses how Australians’ attitudes toward family diversity in particular are linked to their society’s complex global context.” (from Chapter 1, p11-12)

Book Description
The globalization of politics, economics, culture, and other social systems are creating challenges and opportunities for families throughout the world. Yet, sociologists and other scholars who study families are often unfamiliar with the theories and research on globalization. Global Families provides family scholars with a methodical introduction to the interdisciplinary field of globalization. Global Families then examines the ways in which globalization impinges on families throughout the world in four major areas: demographic transitions, world-wide culture, international violence, and transnational employment. The book concludes with a discussion of supra-national policies and other efforts to position families in this global landscape.