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Spring 2022


In November 2021, the Joint Faculty Senate (JFS) Committees on Inclusion, Equity, and Justice (IEJ) and Family Friendly Policies and Practices (FFPP) administered a survey to assess faculty and Academic Affairs staff members’ experiences during the pandemic and to inform future recommendations for policy responses to crisis that are both family friendly and advance inclusion, equity, and justice for faculty and staff. IEJ and FFPP worked to collect a large sample of respondents. The Joint Faculty Assembly (JFA) Chair and Vice Chair sent the survey to the Official Announcements - CSB/SJU Faculty list three times. The survey was also sent to the AcademicAffairs@CSB/ list. The survey was posted on the Teams for all librarians and shared twice in the Buzz. Members of the IEJ and FFPP shared it with Academics Affairs staff and asked them to share it with their colleagues. 143 people responded to the survey–41 staff and 102 faculty. This sample includes 41% of tenure/tenure track faculty, 10.5% of term/adjunct faculty, 41% of Academic Affairs administrative staff and 27% of Academic Affairs support staff. The survey results reflect the perspectives of respondents who chose to complete the survey.