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Luann Reif, Nursing


This project addressed the increased rate of pain levels in a long term care facility in

St. Cloud Minnesota. The facility was ranked in the 98th percentile for pain when comparing this

site to all other long term care facilities in Minnesota. The facility had implemented a new pain

assessment guide within the last five years and had education sessions with staff, yet residents

were still ranking their pain high on the 0-10 pain scale. Our project was focusing on a specific

group of patients in long term care which include dementia patients. A survey was conducted

that asked a variety of questions in regard to their current pain scale and presented new

questions that the newest literature found effective when assessing pain levels in dementia

patients who are not able to communicate to staff themselves. An education brochure was

handed out to RN’s and LPN’s who conduct pain assessments in this facility. The first brochure

included a new type of pain scale- The Abbey Pain Scale and a new advancement of

technology is called the Point-of-Care Technology (ePAT). A second brochure was handed out

in regard to general information about dementia patients that included behaviors associated with

pain and nurses perception on pain assessments with dementia patients. A second survey was

conducted to assess the knowledge gained by nurses from this new study of pain scales in

comparison to the one this facility is using now. The goal of this project will be to educate nurses

in long term care about the more recent research and literature in regard to the advancement

and effectiveness of new pain scales and technology for dementia patients