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Catherine Bohn-Gettler, Education


Reading is an essential part of everyday life. Within reading, there has been a noticed deficit in the ability to comprehend science texts (McNamara, 2017). The self-explanation reading strategy training (SERT) is a training program that provides strategies to help with the comprehension of texts (McNamara, 2017). SERT has six strategies that assist in reading comprehension, and allow a reader to go beyond a text to make connections. Of the strategies, we focused on bridging inferences and elaborations (making relevant connections to prior knowledge) that the readers generated as a way to comprehend the text in this study. We found that SERT increased the accuracy, apparent relationships and contribution averages for elaborations and increased accuracy for bridging. In conclusion, the process and process-product instructions led to the best comprehension processing. These results speak to the importance of focusing on particular strategies during reading and not just the end product.