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Majel Baker


College and university counseling centers need a more diversified staff to provide services that accommodate the needs of the increasingly racially and ethnically diverse student body (Kitzrow 2023). This study hypothesized that 1) positive workplace diversity-climate is negatively correlated with turnover intention, 2) workplace diversity-climate is positively correlated with thriving at work, and 3) thriving at work is negatively correlated with turnover intention. An online survey was sent out to a sample of counseling staff (e.g., psychologists, therapists) working at college counseling centers across the U.S. and Canada (N = 488). Participants completed modified versions of the Thriving at Work scale (Porath et al., 2012), Workplace Diversity Climate scale (Mor Barak et al., 1998) and Turn Over Intention scale (Ducharme et al., 2008). Results confirmed the hypotheses. Higher levels of positive workplace diversity-climate were associated with lower levels of turnover intention (r = -0.46). Higher levels of workplace diversity-climate were also associated with higher levels of thriving at work (r = 0.48). Finally, increased levels of thriving at work correlated with decreased levels of turnover intention (r = -0.59; all p's < .001). Overall, these findings suggest that a welcoming workplace-diversity climate relates to feeling thriving in the workplace and less intention to leave the job for college counseling staff.

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