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Rachelle Larson, Nursing


For this project, there was an identified lack of proficiency and confidence in running a code blue at local long-term care facility. A questionnaire was distributed to registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and nursing assistants in the facility to determine primary concerns related to initiating and running a code blue. In addition, code blue policies and procedures as well as current practices of the facility were reviewed. Combining data collected from the questionnaires, results from the policy/procedure review and review of evidence-based research, it was determined there is an importance and benefit to running a mock code to improve proficiency and confidence. The mock code took place during the regular workday and included registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and nursing assistants from both the day and evening shift. The group will compare participant data collected prior to and following the mock code blue experience to determine effectiveness of this experience on participant knowledge, confidence and proficiency in performing a code blue.

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