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Rachelle Larsen


Effective involvement in the quality improvement process of an agency is essential. Employee lack of enthusiasm for quality improvement, coupled with limited access to resources for expressing concerns and new ideas, and lack of supervisor follow up produce an environment that inhibits quality improvement processes. This lack of quality improvement process stifles change within the agency. Increased quality improvement initiatives enhance the use of evidence-based processes and procedures and insure staff have input into organizational changes. A local public health agency identified quality improvement environment maturity levels as an area for growth. In response to their concern, a 14-question survey was given to 33 public health staff. The survey included questions regarding how staff feel the agency is doing with their quality improvement environment. Initial analysis of staff responses indicated lack of resources for staff to provide feedback and ideas for quality improvement initiatives. With this feedback in mind an electronic survey was created. In the future the agency will send the survey to the public health staff to promote easily accessible staff engagement in the quality improvement process. The increased engagement in the quality improvement process through the tool and follow-up from supervisors, will improve the quality maturity score, indicating a more positive quality improvement environment. Adequate usage of quality improvement projects within an agency has been shown to be extremely beneficial in the culture of the agency itself.