The Different Forms of Celebrating Mass

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The 2002 Institutio Generalis Missalis Romani (IGMR) comes at an important moment in the history of Roman Catholicism. The Church has come through the dramatic reforms of Vatican II and more than a generation has engaged in the contemporary liturgical practices. New churches have been built and texts and songs written that reflect the post–Vatican II approach to liturgy. In view of these many changes there are yet concerns about what norms best articulate the liturgical vision embedded in the documents of Vatican II and what directives are most appropriate for shaping the full, active, and conscious participation of the faithful.

This commentary by members of the Catholic Academy of Liturgy is attentive to these concerns. While maintaining a balanced view of the revisions, the authors provide thoughtful analysis of the theological, pastoral, and ecclesial implications of the 2002 IGMR. Several prefatory chapters reflecting on the overall significance of the current Instruction are followed by a concise and meaningful chapter-by-chapter commentary. In addition to the full text of the Instruction in Latin and English, readers will find a varied and rich commentary by top liturgical scholars.


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