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Patristics beyond ‘East’ and ‘West’

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To mark the fiftieth anniversary of its inception, the International Association of Patristic Studies, in collaboration with the Center for the Study of Christianity in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, convened an international conference in Jerusalem on 25th-27th June, 2013. The theme of the conference was the state of patristic studies in the twenty-first century, focusing on the implications of the various settings and interests of patristic studies for the future of the field. The collected proceedings include an overview of the current state of patristic studies around the world, with presentations from leading researchers from Eastern and Western Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and Australia, as well as plenary lectures and shorter papers on six designated themes which demonstrate the interdisciplinary relevance and contribution of Patristics: Patristics and the Confluence of Jewish, Christian and Muslim Cultures; Patristics Between Eastern and Western Christian Traditions; Patristics and Theology; Patristics, Literature and the Histories of the Book; Patristics and Art; Patristics and Archaeology.