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Ezekiel's Throne-Chariot Vision: Spiritualizing the Model of Divine Royal Rule

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Arts and Humanities | Biblical Studies | Religion


“This article will examine Ezekiel's spiritualization or interiorization of the traditional model of royal authority in his description of the throne-chariot in his inaugural vision. The concrete, tangible symbol of Yhwh's sovereignty before 587 B.C. was the cherubim throne in the Jerusalem temple (1 Kgs 8:7). In Ezekiel's inaugural vision, this cherubim throne was transformed into the mental model of a complex throne-chariot with four composite humanoid creatures as throne bearers whose movement extended beyond sacred space. Ezekiel spiritualized political power not only by accenting its invisible dimension but also by showing how the human perception of such power demanded greater interiorization, for it required a new heart and spirit to recognize Yhwh's power and to avoid distorting it into idolatrous forms (Ezek 11:19; 36:25-27).” –Page 363


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