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Graduate Paper

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Master of Arts in Spirituality


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Helen Rolfson OSF


Antolinez's seventeenth century commentary on Juan de la Cruz's poem, "Cantico espiritual", differs from the commentary written by Juan himself in ways which reflect the winds of reform and reaction that buffeted the Discalced Carmelite order and Counter Reformation Spain. Whereas Juan's commentary champions contemplative spirituality without reservation and makes frequent direct references to transcendental contemplative experience, Antolinez does not. Antolinez avoids discussion of topics which would draw the attention of the Inquisition. Rather than focus on contemplative experience and the exercise of faith to prepare for it, Antolinez seeks to accommodate Juan's poem to the attitudes of the Counter Reformation by appealing to the imagination and focsing on the narrative level of the poem. The discalced Carmelites delayed the publication of Juan's "Cantico espiritual". On the defensive because of Juan's teaching, many of them favored Antolinez's Amores de Dios y el alma.



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