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Graduate Paper

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Master of Arts in Theology


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Kevin Seasoltz OSB


This Paper will examine Karl Rahner's theology of hope and consider its relevance for Christian life. The Paper is divided into five main sections: Hope as a Theological Virtue: Openness to God; Hope and Anthropology; Hope and Eternal Life; Hope and the Present Life; and 'Christian' Hope. The author hopes that the reader will find this paper helpful in understanding Rahner's theology of hope, particularly the distinction between 'this worldly' hope and transcendent hope, as well as analyzing the integration between Christian hope in eternal life and 'this world; hopes and plans. Such an investigation will reveal that Christian hope in eternal life is not only relevant to our ultimate end but has significant ramifications for life here and now. Finally, the author offers some criticism of Rahner's theology of hope, specifically its lack of focused christology and pneumatology, and suggests a modified definition of hope that is more Trinitarian.



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