Nothing But Christ : A Benedictine Approach to Lay Spirituality


Nothing But Christ : A Benedictine Approach to Lay Spirituality


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This book is an attempt to formulate a lay spirituality according to the spirit of St. Benedict, which means the formation of the "Benedictine virtues" whose perfection is found only in the fullness of Christ. Most of the chapters first appeared in THE OBLATE, a monthly publication edited by the monks of St. John's Abbey for secular oblates. [from the Foreward]


God: Real Realism; Father: It is Enough!; Son: Rugged Individualism; Holy Spirit: No Greater Gift; Man: Enigma Number One; Faith: “Lord, That We Might See!”; Faith: A Call for Mystics; Reverance: Shunning Forgetfulness; Reverence: Seeking Glory; Reverence: “Behold, Here I Am”; Reverance: Holy Laughter; Grace: Another Dimension; Grace: The Lord Working; Peace: Pursuing Peace; Joy: Echo of God’s Life; Knowledge: Understanding God; Humility: Awe of the Lord; Humility: Perfect Manhood; Prayer: A Son Talks With His Father; Prayer: Giving a Perfect Thing; Prayer: A Divine Voice; Prayer: Singing New Songs; Prayer: Pilgrimages in the Heart; Spiritual Reading: Listening with the Heart; Spiritual Reading: Among the Spoils; Obedience: Singing Our Obedience; Authority: A Little Tin God; Authority: Power and Perfection; Authority: Surrendering Our Smallness; Conversion of Morals: Our Glorious Insignificance; Poverty: Will He Find Hunger?; Chastity: “To Love and Not to Love”; Sin: Loneliness Supreme; Mortification: Increasing and Decreasing; Work: The Prayer of Labor; Family Life: Little Cloister in the World; Apostolate: The Primacy of Love; Hell: The Great Renunciation; Heaven: Homesick for Heaven; Heaven: Making All Things New; Trinity: The Praise of Glory; Epilogue: A Portrait.



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Nothing But Christ : A Benedictine Approach to Lay Spirituality