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Catholic Rites Today: Abridged Texts for Students


Catholic Rites Today: Abridged Texts for Students


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Just as there can be no thorough study of a literary work without first a careful reading of it, so there cannot be an adequate study of the major liturgical rites of the Catholic Church without a knowledge of the texts of the rites.

The purpose of this volume is to provide students with a one-volume abridged yet sufficiently comprehensive edition of the major contemporary rites of the Roman Catholic Church. It is not a commentary but rather a convenient source for the texts of these rites.

The volume includes large excerpts from the Roman Missal: The General Instruction, the complete Order of Mass, prayers from the Sacramentary, and other texts allowing for an adequate study of the Catholic Eucharist. For the other Catholic sacraments - Initiation (for adults and children, including Confirmation), Penance, Anointing of the Sick, Marriage, Orders - at least one complete version of each rite is presented along with its introduction or introductory sections. Texts from the Order of Christian Funerals are also included.



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Liturgical Press


Collegeville, MN


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Catholic Rites Today: Abridged Texts for Students