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The School of Theology and Seminary of Saint John's University sponsors an annual Monastic Institute to provide continuing education and spiritual enrichment for American monastics and all those interested in monastic spirituality and practice. One Heart, One Soul revisits the 2006 institute and its focus on the future with such important questions as: How do the origins, history, and present state of Benedictine monasticism point to the viability of its future? How can the new intentional communities contribute to the revitalization of Benedictine monasticism today? In what ways do the Benedictine Rule and its array of communal arrangements and the perspectives of these members and oblates inspire and provide the scaffolding for new communities of life and hope in our modern world?

Attempts to answer these questions showcase the theme of unity in diversity and address Benedictine monasticism in broad, institutional strokes as well as in the very specific practices and narratives of monastics, oblates, and others living in various communities. In this volume, you will hear the voices of many community members—young and old, men and women, Benedictines and intentional community members—all speaking from the heart of their lived experience and wisdom.


Early monasticism and community movements today: what is old and new and how do they meet? / Columba Stewart -- Global view of monasticism today / Notker Wolf -- The sign of Jonah and a new monasticism / Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove -- "Colloquium": conversations between Abbot Primate Notker Wolf, OSB, and representatives from various communities / Gary Reierson [and others] -- Practices at the heart of community life / Christine D. Pohl -- Newcomers to monastic life / Peter Funk [and others] -- Dialogue of newcomers to monasteries / with Christine Pohl -- How women's experience of monastic life can speak to hungers for community today / Margaret Malone -- Intergenerations in community / Teresa Jackson, Kathryn Casper -- Four concepts of a Benedictine community in the twenty-first century: listening, community, humility, and hospitality / Meg Funk -- Responders to Mary Margaret (Meg) Funk, OSB / Gerald Schlabach [and others] -- "Into the future" panel / Mary Ewing Stamps [and others] -- Summative probings for the movement of monasticism "into the future" / Mary Forman.

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Liturgical Press


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Monastic and religious life, Benedictines, Monastery




Access to the full text is restricted to current members of the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University community. Mary Forman is the editor of this work.

One Heart, One Soul, Many Communities: Proceedings of the 21st Annual Monastic Institute, School of Theology-Seminary, Saint John's University, Collegeville, Minnesota 56321, July 1-7, 2006