Relatedness and care in South Africa and beyond

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African Studies | Anthropology | Family, Life Course, and Society | International and Area Studies | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Social and Cultural Anthropology | Sociology


In this special issue, we rethink configurations of kinship against discourses about families and obligations of care. We reflect on the dynamic creativities of kinship, like all other social institutions, in response to structural changes, migration and economic change, but also due to interpersonal demands – expanding around certain events and times, shrinking at others. Drawing on ethnographic examples primarily from Southern Africa, but also with comparative examples from the United States, the Solomon Islands and Spain, we explore how individuals and families generate, assemble and re-form at key points in the life course and in response to life events.


DOI: 10.1080/02533952.2016.1218139

Introduction to Social Dynamic’s Special Issue, “Kinship and Constellations of Care,” eds. Manderson, L., and Block, E.