The Schirber lecture series was established through the generous donation of Dr. Martin and Mrs. Rose Marie Schirber in 1980. Two lectures occur as part of the series. One lecture focuses on medical ethics from a pro-life perspective and the other focuses on alcoholism and recovery. Lectures are designed for pre-health students but are open to all who are interested.


Submissions from 2020


(Presentation) Being Sober and Becoming Happy, John MacDougall DMin

Submissions from 2019


(Presentation) IVF: We Can, But Should We?, Jani R. Jensen MD

Submissions from 2018


(Presentation) Healthcare Summit: A Panel of Experts, Brian Yablon M.D., Rose Roach, John Nyman Ph.D., and John Marty

Submissions from 2017


(Presentation) Alcohol and Other Drug Addiction: Impact on students, families, communities, institutions and health care (anyone you know?), Annetta Sutton