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"The Rule" Screening

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The Rule is a documentary about the influence of Benedictine Monasticism and how it has shaped the educational structure at St Benedict’s Preparatory School in Newark, NJ. This documentary exemplifies the unique way they approach the education of young men, specifically young men of color and from poor socioeconomic backgrounds – Newark, NJ. Due to the poverty rate in Newark, there are difficult challenges that necessitate providing young people with the tools that counteract the environment created by poverty. However, St. Benedict’s Prep is the exception. With their unique model influenced by The Rule of St. Benedict, specifically the emphasis on community that the Benedictine monks provide, they are able to develop young men into leaders. This could not be possible without the countless hours put in from student leaders, faculty, staff, and monks, as well as the amazing alumni association that believe in the direction St. Benedict’s Prep has taken since 1868; the support of a community is essential, not only for the students but for the development and future of the greater community.

Sponsored by the Benedictine Volunteer Corp, this discussion occurred on March 31, 2016 during a screening of the film The Rule at The College of Saint Benedict.