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Polyhedron Models for the Classroom


Polyhedron Models for the Classroom


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The study of polyhedra is an ancient one, going back to the dawn of history. It is especially those polyhedra called uniform that have evoked the greatest interest and provided the most fascination. It should therefore be of special usefulness in classrooms today for students to see and handle paper models they have made. Making models is a genuine outlet for the creative spirit, and it can also stimulate interest in the study of mathematics. The cube, the tetrahedron, the cone, the cylinder, the sphere, shown on the front cover, are basic objects in such a study. This booklet gives instructions on how to make models like the cube and the tetrahedron. The cube has six square faces and the tetrahedron has four triangular faces. Models with faces that are other polygons, such as pentagons, hexagons, etc., are also shown in this booklet. The cone with a circular base and the cylinder with circular top and base and the sphere belong to higher mathematics. The models in this booklet when made will enhance the appearance of the classroom.



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National Council of Teachers of Mathematics


Reston, VA


Geometry and Topology

Polyhedron Models for the Classroom