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The Encyclopedia of American Catholic History


The Encyclopedia of American Catholic History


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The Encyclopedia covers every facet of American Catholic history: the explorers; the pioneering Spanish, French, and English missionaries; the struggles of the colonial and revolutionary eras; the turbulent and transforming nineteenth century with its waves of immigrants; the industrial revolution; and the challenges and crises of this century, down to our day. Moreover, it traces the roots and charts the growth of Catholicism in each of the fifty states. Above all, it brings us, in hundreds of memorable features, the men and women who gave much and did much to build the Church in America. The great personalities - men and women from each decade and era - are perceptively portrayed. All the major events and movements which united or divided Catholics are cogently covered: the revolution, lay trusteeism, slavery and the Civil War, the waves of immigrants, nativism and bigotry, Americanism, Modernism, the labor movement, the Knights of Columbus, wars, anti-Semitism, the New Deal and Prohibition, anti-Communism, McCarthyism, the women's revolution, civil rights, Vietnam, Humanae vitae, liturgy, capital punishment, and a myriad of other topics.



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Liturgical Press


Collegeville, MN


Christian Denominations and Sects | Christianity


Aaron Raverty, OSB: Project editor

Michael Glazier & Thomas J. Shelley: Contributing editors

This title is included in Choice's 35th annual Outstanding Academic Books list.

The Encyclopedia of American Catholic History