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The Pro-life Wisdom of Fr. Paul Marx, the Apostle of Life.


The Pro-life Wisdom of Fr. Paul Marx, the Apostle of Life.


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This collection of quotes by Father Paul Marx, OSB, gathered by his friends and co-workers clearly demonstrates the prescience of Father Marx in immediately recognizing what would follow from the widespread acceptance of contraception and abortion by Western society. As early as the late 1960s he foresaw in great detail the disasters that would follow in leading to what Pope John Paul II called the Culture of Death. Not satisfied with merely watching these disasters develop, he took courageous action to the extent of going undercover to attend conferences as "Dr. Marx," where the captains and the kings of the future Culture of Death laid their plans and set their agendas. He was on the ground floor as the death culture took shape, precisely recognizing the gathering darkness for what it was. He saw the path laid out not only for widespread contraception and abortion but all the other evils that followed in the wake of the cheapening of Human Life: euthanasia, theological dissent, embryonic stem cell research, population control, and amoral "sex education," and founded Human Life International as a single clearinghouse to deal with them all on the international level. Today many of these evils require entire separate agencies to deal with them; and this too is the fuit of Father Marx's work, and indeed his legacy. This collection not only shows his insight and courage but also his unfailing joy, love, kindness, humor, and wit, which confounded his opponents and endeared him to millions. Today Human Life International carries on his work with the mission to create effective opposition to the Culture of Death around the world.



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The Pro-life Wisdom of Fr. Paul Marx, the Apostle of Life.