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Homilies for the Year and Prayers of the Faithful

Homilies for the Year and Prayers of the Faithful


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"All my priestly life I have had a distaste for 'canned' sermons and have never used them except for an occasional idea. Then I write a book of homilies! This calls for justification and an explanation. One the one hand, not all priests share my antipathy to other men's sermons and sermon outlines. In fact, most of the encouragement I needed to finish this book came from fellow priests who found these homilies useful. I do not think, however, that any of the priests to whom I gave copies actually preached (or read) them word for word. It would have been most unfortunate if they had. I am strongly convinced that a sermon should be preached, not read. And it should be one's very own. If a preacher uses ideas he finds elsewhere, as almost everyone does, he should absorb the ideas, apply them to his personal life, add to them from his own experience and meditation so that when he speaks them they actually belong to them. It is in this way that I hope this book might be helpful to my fellow priests." [from the book's Introduction]

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Liturgical Press


Collegeville, MN


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Homilies for the Year and Prayers of the Faithful