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In With Lamps Burning, Sister Grace McDonald traced the growth of Saint Benedict’s Monastery from its establishment in Minnesota in 1857 to its centennial in 1957. It is the purpose of this sequel to capture the exciting and often troublesome challenges that faced this community in the last half of the twentieth century. It is a story of moving from a stable and predictable era to an explosive era of expanded knowledge, information, and communications that resulted in irreversible societal changes effected by such grassroots movements as civil rights, women’s rights, and environmental concerns, and by a Christian religious transformation called for by Vatican Council II. The story of the community’s struggles and achievements in responding to the call to renew itself and set its face toward the third millennium needs to be told: most people, observing only the external manifestations of the changes, were not privy to the sacredness of the transformations taking place. This book offers the community’s self-disclosure in the hope that it will help its readers find meaning for the challenges with which God also shapes their lives. [from the Introduction]


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North Star Press of St. Cloud


St. Cloud, Minn.


Arts and Humanities | Catholic Studies | History | History of Christianity | History of Religion | Religion | United States History | Women's History


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Sister Stefanie Weisgram, editor. Sister Shaun O’Meara, researcher.

Table of Contents:
pt. 1. Internal community transformations / Evin Rademacher. ch. 1. Change on the horizon -- ch. 2. Movements of change within community -- ch. 3. Monastic sources revisited -- ch. 4. New realities of community -- ch. 5. Toward a new millennium -- pt. 2. Transformations in community ministries / Evin Rademacher. ch. 6. Managing changes in ministry -- ch. 7. Changes in community-owned institutions -- ch. 8. Changes in staffing diocesan schools -- ch. 9. Reading the signs of the times -- ch. 10. Community charism and outreach ministry -- pt. 3. Historical ministries of the community / Emmanuel Renner, Olivia Forster, and Carol Berg. ch. 11. To hold in trust : the evolution of the relationship between the monastery and college / Emmanuel Renner -- ch. 12. Institutions of health care / Olivia Forster -- ch. 13. Native American ministry / Carol Berg -- ch. 14. Distant missions moving toward autonomy / Carol Berg.

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With Hearts Expanded: Transformations in the Lives of Benedictine Women, St. Joseph, Minnesota, 1957 to 2000